Our Vision

Healthy Tokri firmly  believes in No SUGAR and NO REFINED FLOUR added recipes . Our motto is to  completely remove these two unhealthy ingredients from everybody's kitchen which eventually lead to a very unhealthy life and can avoid the high risk of diabetes and  obesity.

We use healthy alternative like whole wheat, jaggery , honey,millets,fruits and vegetables which taste exactly the same as unhealthy baked and cooked food do.

Our Story

Healthy Tokri is Registered Trademark company. This company was started in 2017 by two ladies or we could say two mothers , Shweta and Rachana .

Refined  Flour and White Sugar both are very harmful for healthy body! sugars contain a whole bunch of calories with NO essential nutrients, But these are present in all the foods like bread, cakes, Chocolates,ice cream ,Pizza ,sandwiches which is loved by the Kids and also elders.

Shweta and Rachana first started cooking and baking the healthy version of these unhealthy delicious food and snacks for their family members.They completely removed the refined flour and sugar from their kitchen with Whole Wheat, Millets ,Jaggery, Honey , fruits and Vegetables.

The real essence of Healthy tokri  is to explore more healthy options for the benefit of our community . We also  conduct  online as well as classroom workshops to make other’s learn about the  healthy recipes .

We also spread awareness to the kids  through our workshop sessions  where we educate them  about healthy food and also how to  cook and bake using nutritious ingredients under the supervision of Healthy Tokri experts.


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